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On: Being an Introvert

In a very, very distant second place to the liberty that I have found in Christ, is the freedom


Whiteness and the N-Word Debate – A contribution

The ultimate point of this present article is this: It’s undoubtedly

“Martin Luther King is Irrelevant”

Three weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending a gathering,

My Thoughts on Ferguson

The events that have occurred in Ferguson, Missouri over the last

The Problem with Academia

I recently accepted an offer to start a Masters programme in

Exploring “Whiteness”

“Race” isn’t just about “colour”. When discussing “race”, we shouldn’t focus

Fruitvale Station

Fruitvale station is a 2013 movie depicting the true story of

UK Police officers using excessive force against Black man

In this video we witness two police officers using excessive force

Police officer assaulting Black woman

Don’t ask for a back story. Don’t seek to find any

They Could Gun Me Down

Consider this scenario: “It is a rainy night in a combined